Certified AIReal Training Online

Our participants are innovators, business leaders and teachers
motivated to continue their education and grow their practice
through greater knowledge for themselves and their students.

Hundreds of postures,

One digital membership

Suspend, move, and stretch your way into the
endless possibilities of a gravity defying AIReal practice.

Elevate your practice

When you spend your time hanging upside down, you see the world a little differently. Our goal is to bring a unique perspective to the traditional foundations of Hatha Yoga, elevating your practice both spiritually and physically. As you step into your hammock, we will guide you on a journey that breaks through the bonds of other yoga forms, and lifts you into the supported higher consciousness of new possibilities.

Pillars of AIReal


Surrounded by space, your hammock and body melt into the horizon


Support and lift combine to make graceful movements that glide and go deeper


Let gravity work to pull and support you, reset your nervous system and cultivate internal serenity


Invert your world, see things from a new perspective and connect to your inner child

I started feeling fascinated and excited about something new in yoga. But then I realised how supportive and restorative AIReal can be for all ages.

-AIReal Member


Being trained in something not quite yet mainstream. People are curious. By talking to me about AIReal, we create a bond.

-AIReal Member


AIReal Yoga online classes in three words: Fun, Freeing, Invigorating!

-AIReal Member


I finally finished the training, it was quite a volume of incredibly helpful tips, tricks, expertise, knowledge and wisdom.

-AIReal Member

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