Our Mission

Built on the foundations of Hatha Yoga and Cirque performance, AIReal is an elevated practice of unique experiences, profound connections, and passionate community. Our principles are simple: your practice should be expansive, instructive, and fun. Our mission is to ensure that each journey into your hammock opens up new inquiries of self-exploration and personal growth.

AIReal is born

Following the birth of her second child and a long career in Cirque and gymnastics performance, Carmen Curtis knew her body needed healing as well as a challenge. Focused on the restorative practices of balance, strength, and recovery — she combined over 25 years of personal experience as an aerialist, gymnast, and performer with her needs as a mama and yogi to create a program that gave her exactly what her body and mind needed. She climbed into a hammock and never looked back.

The change was immediate, the effects exhilarating, and the sense of purpose was momentous. AIReal Yoga was born — and it needed to be shared with the world.

15 years later, AIReal Yoga has been pursuing a mission of personal elevation, self-refinement, and balanced support for students and teachers alike. Relying on the time tested postures of yoga, AIReal relies on the hammock to safely assist one’s practice and elevate the experience to new possibilities. This focus on safety and accessibility is at the heart of our commitment to bringing people and communities together in ways that build them up and champion the best about them.

There is a sacred magic
that occurs in the hammock:

Still the mind. Balance the body.
Calm the nervous system.

Find healing and peace.
Restoration and support.

Develop compassion.
Connect with others.

Surrender to movement
and expression.

Defy gravity.

Let go and let the hammock
hold and support you.

You are safe, you are light,
you are loved.


The AIReal Yoga™ teaching method, satisfies my nurturing side by building trust with my students and assisting them to attain poses they might not otherwise achieve without the support of the hammock, and it satisfies the yoga teacher in me because it truly is yoga, REAL yoga.

-AIReal Teacher


I finally finished the training, it was quite a volume of incredibly helpful tips, tricks, expertise, knowledge and wisdom.

-AIReal Member


Being trained in something not quite yet mainstream. People are curious. By talking to me about AIReal, we create a bond.

-AIReal Member

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