The AIReal Yoga Referral Program

If you love AIReal Yoga and are already sharing it with your friends we created an affiliate program just for you!

If you have purchased an annual membership or completed your training with AIReal yoga you can be an affiliate.

Become An Affiliate

Join the membership and start earning.

How does it work?

Once you join the membership you will be automatically invited to join our affiliate program. Login to your affiliate portal to access your personal links which you can then share with your community. Anyone that uses your links to make a purchase will automatically generate revenue for you as an affiliate. Use the assets below to share on Facebook or Instagram (remember to put your links in your bio so your followers can click out).

If you would like more information about our Affiliate programs, please choose from the selection below: 

What link do I use?

Login to your portal to generate links to use.

Where should I post the link?

Sharing your links with your audience, students and friends couldn’t be easier! Use the two assets above and post with your links in emails, on your website, in your blog or across your social media. Remember, when posting on Instagram, be sure to post the link in your bio so people can click out!

What if someone goes back to purchase later?

We have enabled cookies so that if someone decides to purchase later you will still get the referral, so long as they purchase within 30 days of the first clicking through to your link.

What if someone I referred makes a purchase without using my link?
We are only able to honor affiliate purchases through your affiliate link.
Can I use my code to make purchases for myself?
You will not be eligible for affiliate payments on purchases for yourself.
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