The AIReal Yoga Referral Program

Become an AIReal Yoga Affiliate and get paid by sharing our Teacher Trainings!

Created For ALL AIReal Yoga Lovers wanting to make some money by promoting our teacher trainings.

You can share the benefits and joy of our teacher trainings and earn 3.5% from each sale. That is OVER $50 per 50 hour teacher training sold and $119 per 200 hour! Just for sharing a link, easy right?
We are here to support you and help you make this journey easy and beneficial. We know the power of our community and are so grateful to our AY Tribe.

How does it work?

 Once you click the sign up link and signs up it’s automated from there. Next generate some personal links within your portal and then share your personal links. Anyone that uses the link and make purchases will automatically set you up get a percentage of each sale.


What link do I use?

You can link to any page of our sites. Just use the Link Generator in your panels to easily create links to specific pages. All you will need to do is paste the desired URL and the generator will append your tracking parameter to it (e.g. “?aff=123” for the affiliate with ID 123).

How quickly do funds get transferred?

Funds are set to start the transfer as soon as the order is processed and may take up to 7-10 business days.

Where should I post the link?

If you have a website or blog, those are two great places to insert a banner. Social media is also a perfect place to put the link. Just make sure you are using your generated link, otherwise the referral will not get processed in your name.

What if someone goes back to purchase later?

We have enabled cookies! So that if someone decides to purchase, lets say next week after they have had some time to think about it, you will still get the referral as long as they clicked there originally from your personal link.

Can I use my code to make purchases for myself?

No, please do not use our code to make personal purchases, but if you are an AIReal Yoga Teacher you can use your teacher discount anytime- Just don’t use the affiliate link with it!

Do you provide creative banners and posts for us to share?

We do not currently have any banners made yet, but look out for them, as they are coming soon 😉 If you have a specific thing you would LOVE just reach out! We would love to make it for you.

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