The Total
Teacher Package

For teachers looking to expand their practice and students seeking new levels of exploration, this package is a specially curated journey of self discovery. This curriculum is a comprehensive collection of every teacher training suggested for teachers and students alike by our founder, Carmen Curtis.

Get The Total

Teacher Package

Learn from AIReal educator and thought
leader Carmen Curtis, get the whole package

Your purchase includes:

AIReal 50 Teacher Training

Learn the fundamentals of AIReal Yoga and the basic principles behind work in the hammock. For certified yoga teachers and curious students, this 50 hour module will teach you the methodology behind the practice and give you a firm foundation in using your hammock safely and effectively.

AIReal Assist Teacher Training

Building on the foundations learned via the 50 hour training, in this module you will learn how to comfortably correct and assist in the hammock, helping your students find better form and alignment in the postures. Learn how to effectively give instruction and support your students as they personalize their practice to fit their skills and body type.

AIReal Restore Teacher Training

The gentler side of AIReal Yoga. This module is a comprehensive deep dive in all things restorative and rejuvenative in the hammock. Learn how to work with the hammock at different heights, using longer holds, and provide a more passive method of instruction and practice.

AIReal Online Membership

One year membership to our digital class catalogue featuring hours of practice with our founder, Carmen Curtis. With digital access, you can practice anywhere you have a hammock and an internet connection. Every class features a detailed lesson plan for students to follow along with and teachers to replicate in their own studios — along with curated playlists, suggested intentions, and other ways for cultivating an ambience of calm repose and enlightening reflection.

Your purchase also includes:

  • Downloadable detailed manuals featuring over 100 postures, including in-depth descriptions, visual walkthroughs, and explanation of poses
  • Ready to use lesson plans and sequences in a range of styles
  • Progressions and modifications for working with all levels of experience and expertise
  • Teacher insights gained from over 25 years of hands on work with students
  • Training in proper safety methods and hammock rigging
  • Access to our Teachers Only private Facebook group— a supportive international community of like-minded instructors, practitioners, and studio owners
  • Special access and pricing for live events and further continued education opportunities
  • Certification from the Yoga Alliance — including contact and non-contact hours

The Total Teacher Package

Learn from AIReal educator and thought
leader Carmen Curtis, get the whole package
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