200 Hour Teacher Training

Take your practice to a higher level.

Receive 2 Trainings in 1.

Our 200-hour Registered Yoga School is a Yoga Alliance recognized program that includes a 50 hour aerial yoga curriculum.

The training is based in traditional Hatha Yoga and incorporates critical fundamentals to advance your practice, take you deeper into the many layers of yoga, and enable you to both progress as a student and embark on your teaching journey. This is an Extensive Training taught on select weekends throughout the year.

What is included?

-History of Yoga | The 8 Limbs & 4 Paths
-Use of class themes, mudras, meditation and pranayama
-Hammock safety and rigging
-Living Yoga “Off the Mat”
-The “Business of Yoga”
-Posture Benefits; safety, modifications & challenges
-When & How to use hands-on touch, adjustments and corrections
-Anatomy & Physiology of Yoga
-Successful cuing methods and Sanskrit
-Class structure, formatting and sequencing for Hatha and aerial yoga
-Namaskar A and B
-Lesson Plans for Intro, Restorative, Power and Vinyasa
-The AIReal Yoga 50HR Focus Teacher Training Curriculum
-Subscription to our YouTube channel with access to instruction for continued practice and review
-Invitation to Join our Community of Teachers across all Social and Digital Channels
-Listing on our Website as a Certified AIReal Yoga Instructor connecting you with Studios, Students, and Instructors around the World
-Access to Buy the Safest and Highest-Rated Gear and Equipment Available
-Preferred Partner Rate for Retail and Gear

HOw is this training different?

Taught by Carmen Curtis, AIReal Yoga Founder and Master Instructor, Carmen is a renowned aerial artist, elite athlete, acclaimed presenter at yoga global festivals, and sought-after guest instructor at studios around the world. Carmen’s teaching blends her personal style with her formal yoga education producing a unique experience infused with love, learning, and laughter. Learn more about Carmen Curtis.

Our training is a Yoga Alliance recognized 200HR Yoga Teacher Certification Program that includes a 50 hour aerial yoga curriculum


Note: some segments of this training are taught by hand-selected AIReal Yoga Trainers in order to provide the best educational experience for attendees.

Designed For:



Prefer 3+ years regular yoga practice



Qualifies for:

Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Credits

Post-Training Opportunities:

Teach myriad styles of yoga including vinyasa, power, hatha, restorative, and AIReal Yoga; assist AIReal Yoga at Yoga Expos, Festivals, Trainings, Workshops, and Events; open your own AIReal Yoga certified Yoga Studio!

Interested in adding the AIReal Yoga concentration module to your studio’s existing 200 hour training?

In addition to offering the AIReal Yoga Focus into our own 200HR Foundation Training, we work with studios to incorporate the AIReal Yoga Focus into the 200HR Training at their studios. Plus, our team of professional riggers will ensure the studio space is safely equipped with all necessary aerial equipment and gear through our custom

Already a Certified Yoga Teacher?

Check out our AIReal Yoga 50HR Teacher Training, a 50-hour Focused Training on AIReal Yoga.