Why do Aerial Yoga Teacher Training with us?

Our 50 hour aerial yoga teacher training program is the safest, most supportive, and most rewarding hammock-based methodology available today. Learn directly from teacher’s teacher Carmen Curtis as she passes on the lessons learned from over 25 years in professional gymnastics, cirque, and aerial performance.

Aerial Yoga Teacher Training British Columbia





Our practice blends the mental and physical, leaving you feeling elevated inside and out. When you spend your time hanging upside down, you’ll start to realize that most things are a matter of perspective. Where other methods can be just a flex for your body, this practice yields countless benefits for both body and mind.

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Physical Benefits

  • Relieves compression in the spine
  • Challenges your central nervous system,
    mental capacity + proprioception
  • Increases pull strength + core stability
  • Help heal + strengthen back injuries
  • Improve blood circulation + lung capacity
    — slowing the effects of aging
  • Improved stability, balance + functional mobility
  • With the hammock’s support yoga can be made more accesible to those with less flexibility
  • Used differently, the hammock can increase the challenge and deepen you yoga postures

Mental Benefits

  • AIReal Yoga creates new neural connections
  • Stimulates the pineal gland -—
    increasing your calm + improving your sleep
  • Increases production of feel good chemicals
    like endorphins, oxytocin, serotonin + dopamine
  • Builds + reinforces self-confidence
  • Greater focus + concentration
  • Improves recall memory + retention
  • More mindfulness, gratitude + joy
  • The hammock can be used for restorative and meditation therapy
  • The hammock offers the security of doing safe inversions

Is the AIReal 50 Training right for me?

Whether you’re already a certified yoga teacher looking to specialize, or a student looking to plumb the depths of the aerial yoga world, our 50 hour training is everything you need to become an aerial yoga specialist.

Our students come to us from a range of backgrounds and certifications — whether that be as a certified yoga instructor, as a personal trainer, or with no formal training at all — this practice has helped them continue their education and became better teachers and practitioners.

While teachers will receive accredited hours toward their own certifications and continued education requirements, this training is for anyone who is seeking greater knowledge and understanding of their aerial practice.

AIReal 50 is where the curious can go deep and expand their own practice by going direct to the source and studying closely with our founder, Carmen Curtis.


What do I get with AIReal 50?

AIReal 50 training gives you access to our community of students and teachers who are continuing to learn and grow in aerial yoga. With our online course students have the added benefit of taking things at their own pace and the ability to re-watch postures and flows.

Sometimes a training can move too quickly or something doesn’t click. When that happens, you owe it to yourself and your students to spend a little more time questioning and working through the difficulty. With our online training, you can pause, go back, and never feel like you’re falling behind. Unlimited viewing means you can find new levels of mastery and depth, elevating the experience for all involved.

Your teacher training includes access to our online digital membership. A fantastic resource for teachers and students alike, you gain access to our entire catalogue of classes and all upcoming and new releases. Your membership also includes lesson plans, sequence breakdowns, and playlists for each class. As a teaching resource, this is everything you need to create a fantastic session for your students or yourself. It’s the easiest lesson planning you’ll ever do.

Training with us includes:

  • 148 Focused Training educational videos, featuring nearly 25 hours of content and 25 hours of practice

  • Downloadable detailed manual featuring over 100 postures, including in-depth descriptions, visual walkthroughs, and explanation of poses

  • Ready to use lesson plans and sequences in a range of styles

  • Progressions and modifications for working with all levels of experience and expertise

  • Teacher insights gained from over 25 years of hands on work with students

  • Training in proper safety methods and hammock rigging

  • Access to our Teachers Only private Facebook group— a supportive international community of like-minded instructors, practitioners, and studio owners

  • Certification from the Yoga Alliance

  • Special access and pricing for live events and further continued education opportunities

  • One year free access to our AIReal Online Digital Membership (worth $249)

What happens when I finish my AIReal 50 training?

When you complete your AIReal 50 training with us you will receive your Yoga Alliance accreditation as a specialist in AIReal Yoga. Our past AIReal 50 students now teach in far reaching places from Belgium to El Salvador, from Portugal to Costa Rica, Italy to Australia, Canada to Saudi Arabia, and Mexico to Japan.

This journey is lifelong. When we share the lessons of our experiences, we’re all better for it. Whether you want to continue your own personal journey of self-growth or whether you want to specialize further, our AIReal yoga community is with you every step of the way.


“Come and enjoy greater health, better alignment,
a safer practice and most of all personal exploration
and growth through this expansive training”
– Carmen Curtis

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