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We call them our “partners” because this practice functions as a collaboration — between us, developing and refining the method, and the studios, implementing the practice around the world. These are some of our incredible teachers and their practice spaces.

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      Studio Spotlight

      Here are some of our currently featured studios:

      Haven Yoga and Wellness

      Abbotsford, CE

      LIT Life + Yoga

      Columbus, OH

      Cocoon Yoga Lab

      Bentonville, AR

      Still Moving

      Oahu, HI

      Luna Scura Yoga

      Kelowna, BC

      Sparks Yoga

      Macon, GA

      Looking to establish your own studio space?

      Our experts and teachers have got you covered.

      Consult with our rigging experts to outfit
      your space safely and securely

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      What is AIReal Yoga?
      AIReal yoga online is the premiere digital streaming practice for all things aerial yoga. Developed over a lifetime of aerial and cirque mastery by teacher’s teacher Carmen Curtis, this program has been designed for students, instructors and performers to bring a unique, supportive, and engaging practice to your world. Be careful, once you try it, you’ll never look back!
      What is AIReal membership?

      Unlimited access to our entire class catalogue of content, with new course materials and unique monthly releases, so you can go deep, cultivating mastery where you want it. You will also receive lesson plans, course PDFs, and other instructional items to continue your AIReal journey. Additionally, as a member you will be eligible for unique access to live events and special offers on silks, private lessons with Carmen, teacher training packages, and more.

      Where can I AIReal?

      Your hammock is the vehicle, your practice is the journey. Find your sacred space and be met with a sense of serenity and most importantly, ownership. Whether that be suspended from the ceiling in your office, your garage, on a rig out in your garden, or in a studio, all you need for a safe and effective AIReal practice is you, your hammock, and excitement for the untold possibilities that are about to unfold.

      Which class is right for me?

      Whether you’re a beginner learning the basics or a twenty-year vet looking to specialize further, the AIReal membership is perfect for whatever your needs may be. AIReal yoga meets you where you are — Ideal for students and teachers alike, each class builds upon foundational principles that scale easily to whatever level of expertise you desire. Each session comes with a unique mantra to set a collective intention for the practice, detailed lesson plans to follow along step-by-step for students, or for teachers to use in their own instruction, and AIReal specific modifications for you to translate your mat practice to your hammock.


      How much does AIReal Yoga Membership cost?

      The annual AIReal membership is $120 and provides access to all current courses and new releases. All AIReal memberships include unlimited viewing of class videos, downloadable handouts and lesson plans. With your membership you will also gain early-bird access to live events and unique discounts on products and continued education opportunities.

      How does the 14 day guarantee work?
      With no strings attached, simple and easy. We’re committed to you and your practice, wherever that takes you. If after 14 days of giving us a try you feel like AIReal isn’t right for you, then drop us a line at [email protected] and we’ll get you a full refund.
      How do I cancel?

      If you don’t want to continue your AIReal journey, you can cancel your membership renewal through your account page within the membership portal. Please note that there are no refunds for partially unused membership periods.