Aerial Hammock Dance : A Teacher Training

Learn the art of dancing in the air. This foundational training will focus on the aerial hammock, you’ll be learning both beginning and advanced beginning skills, tricks dance and circus sequences.

This tricks and flips immersion is what many of you have been asking for!

Our in-person training (with Live- Zoom option available) will be accompanied by videos for reference and includes open studio time to practice along with class observation and opportunity to partake in classes. This will be a 24 hour teacher training in total.

We will focus on learning how to practice and teach with safe technique and clear guidance while  following a curriculum of basics that build safely into more advanced skills.

You will walk away from this training knowing how to teach aerial classes for kids, teens, and adults that are trick-based and also dance focused. These foundational tricks can be linked together to create beautiful aerial dance sequences and choreography.

Train With Us

This is an person 24 Hour training in Ventura, CA over 4 days.


 $700 (early bird!)

What you will learn:


  • Learn how to practice and teach with safe technique and clear guidance
  • Instruct following a curriculum of prerequisites that build to more advanced skills
  • Learn how to safely teach and guide students with a proven and safe teaching method and curriculum
  • This foundational training will teach the skills to build a strong aerial hammock foundation so that students can work towards becoming more advanced safely
  • Have fun and learn the art of aerial dance in the hammock

Is the Aerial Dance Training right for me?

This training is for Aerialist, Aerial Yoga Teachers and Students.

For those that are aerial yoga teachers this will be an opportunity to learn to teach aerial dance classes with the hammock height of your aerial yoga class,  we will focus on the skills and tricks that are safe to do if your hammock is specifically rigged for yoga. 

This is also a great training for Aerialist that are interested in enhancing their foundational basics and for those wanting to learn to teach aerial hammock.

This will be a fun training and will have an emphasis on learning to play and have fun in the Hammock while learning some new tricks and ways to express yourself through aerial dance.

Will I be able to teach Aerial Dance after this training?


Training with us includes:

  • 24 Hours hands on training with Carmen Curtis

  • Videos to refer back to after the training

  • Ready to use lesson plans and sequences in a range of styles

  • Progressions and modifications for working with all levels of experience and expertise

  • Teacher insights gained from over 25 years of hands on work with students

  • Training in proper safety methods and hammock rigging

  • Access to take classes and use open studio during the training

  • One on One Support with Carmen Curtis who has choreographed aerial for Beyonce, La Reve and more.
  • A Complete Manual

Your Teacher: Carmen Curtis

Carmen Curtis is a claimed Aerialist, Choreographer, teacher and studio owner.

She created the curriculum for the Aerial Studio‘s Aerial Teacher Training, she’s been teaching Aerial Teacher‘s how to teach Aeriel for over 10 years, her curriculum and methods have created circus stars and advanced level Aerial teachers.

She was on the creative and development team along with being the dance captain and lead performer for Le Reve at the Wynn hotel in Las Vegas.

She trains superstars and creates circus stars.

She was also the Aerial choreographer on the Beyoncé‘s formation tour.

She’s a Teachers teacher with a deep passion to share her love for Aerial and support and share with teachers the safest and most effective methods. Her goal is to help influence the Aerial Arts by teaching teachers how to teach with the highest standards, the safest methods and with kindness, trust and respect.

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