50 Hour Teacher Training

Dates: February 25 – April 2 | Location: Chino, CA | Instructor: Lead Teacher Mod Amaya

50 Hour Teacher Training In Person

Dates: February 4-6 + 18-20 | Location: Schaerbeek – Brussels, Belgium-(Belgique)| Instructor: Lead Trainer Sarah Woodman

AIReal Restore Retreat

Dates: October TBD| Location: Palm Springs, CA | Instructor: Carmen Curtis This is a special AY Retreat happening in Palm Springs. Please Note: Dates are still TBD! Limited Space. Want to secure your spot? Contact us

Therapy In Flight Immersion

Dates: September 23, 2021 1-4pm | Location: Mammoth, CA | Instructor: Carmen Curtis + Paula Fortunato This is a special immersion happening AT Mammoth Yoga Festival! Link to sign-up coming soon.