AY Studio Partnerships

Become an AIReal Yoga partner and offer our aerial yoga brand at your studio.

Host a Training

Many studios think it is hard or costly to host a training. But this could not be any further from the truth! It requires no upfront cost and is a great way to bring in new clients and more revenue to your studio.

Offer Classes

Offer classes at your studio by becoming a licensed AIReal Yoga Studio. To become a licensed AIReal Yoga Studio you just need to offer AIReal Yoga brand classes with a certified AY instructor. Don’t have a certified teacher? Send one to our next training!

Rigging Installation

Whether you are starting from scratch or already have hammocks installed, our professional riggers are available to consult and guide you. We will ensure that your studio has the safest, highest rated rigging possible.

The AIReal Yoga brand of aerial yoga is the most comprehensive form of aerial yoga recognized by the Yoga Alliance.

For traditional yoga and aerial studios alike, AIReal Yoga offers a studio partnership bar none! Our studio Partners receive the same high level of guidance, support, and loyalty that our Certified Teachers receive.

For Studios Without Points…
Our Team of Expert Riggers provide a Complimentary Studio Fit Initial Consultation to advise you on how to rig your studio with hammocks in order to offer AIReal Yoga at your studio. The Studio Fit Initial Consultation includes general spatial review, rigging recommendation, and gear recommendation.


For Studios With Points…
Our Team of Expert Riggers provide a Complimentary Studio Fit Consultation to advise you on how to convert your points, either permanently or to flex between your existing system and AIReal, in order to offer AIReal Yoga at your studio. The Studio Fit Consultation includes spatial review, modification recommendation, and required gear recommendation.

Since every studio and building structure differs, each Complimentary Studio Fit Consultation is customized for your studio space. Once the initial Consultation is provided, a professional Contractor and Rigger should be contracted to complete the installation.

Plus, all AIReal Yoga Studio Partners receive preferred pricing at our AIReal Yoga Gear Shop.

Once Your Studio is Rigged, Opportunity Abounds…

AIReal Yoga Partner Studios have the opportunity to integrate AIReal Yoga Classes into their regular class schedule by hiring a Certified AIReal Yoga Instructor to teach at their location.

In addition, AIReal Yoga Partner Studios may bolster their program by hosting an AIReal Yoga Teacher Training at their location.

All Certified AIReal Yoga Partner Studios receive discounts on Retail, Gear, and Partner offerings and exclusive invitations to join us at the world’s leading Yoga Festivals, Expos, and Events.


Once a studio has a robust and successful class schedule, we encourage each one hosts any number of AIReal Yoga Workshops, Immersions, and Promotional Events.
AIReal Yoga Workshops or Immersions that do not require additional Continuing Education Certification, can be offered by any Certified AIReal Yoga Instructor.
AIReal Yoga Workshops or Immersions that do require additional Continuing Education Certification will be taught by a Qualified AIReal Yoga Instructor as selected by AIReal Yoga.

AIReal Yoga Workshops or Immersions are a fantastic way to continue to develop your AIReal Yoga Staff, bolster your AIReal Yoga program, and generate additional revenue.

We believe in creating partnerships with our studios where we work together.

We all have the same goal. To offer the best most comprehensive yoga alliance recognized aerial yoga around.

Have a question?

Have a question about rigging? Nervous about hosting. Ask away. We have worked along side studios of all shapes, sizes and styles.

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