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AIReal YogaTM offers many ways to support you as you Embark on your Yoga Journey. Choose the Path that is right for you!

“Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.” – Rumi

The Student Path…


For new students, avid yoga practitioners, and certified yoga teachers alike, AIReal Yoga Continuing Education provides an opportunity to deepen your knowledge of yoga, chart your personal path, and expand your horizons both personally & professionally.

If you are a yoga student without any prior training, AIReal Yoga offers a 200 hour Yoga Alliance Registered Teacher Trainings that certifies you as an RYT 200 with the Yoga Alliance.  Our curriculum provides the foundational knowledge to begin your teaching journey or simply deepen your knowledge of the practice and determine how you want to journey onward from there.

Our 200 hour AIReal Yoga Teacher Training provides you 2 Trainings in 1 — as a graduate, you receive your Certification to teach both Hatha Yoga and Aerial Yoga.

If you already have your 200HR foundation Yoga Teacher Training from another Yoga Alliance certified Education Provider, then you are ready to embark on the Teacher Path.

The Teacher Path…


For Certified Yoga Teachers of any discipline (Hatha, Vinyasa, Power, etc.), you may elect to compliment your current training with a specialization in teaching AIReal Yoga.

AIReal Yoga offers 50HR Teacher Trainings that reflect upon the knowledge you learned in your first 200+HR Teacher Training and build upon that foundation to provide you focused knowledge on aerial yoga, which is grounded in the traditions of Hatha Yoga.

The AIReal Yoga Certified Teacher Path…


Once you are a Certified AIReal Yoga Instructor, the Journey gets even more exciting with Continuing Education!

AIReal Yoga Education is developed with you in mind. We know that each yogi is in a different stage of development and may have different short & long term goals. Therefore, you’ll find a variety of ongoing educational offerings to support you on your personal journey.

Plus, at AIReal Yoga, we believe your educational journey should be both literary & lively. So, we’ve found ways to light up your experience by offering training experiences both at our home Training Facility, The Aerial Studio and while on the road at Yoga Festivals & Events.

These specialty courses build upon the foundation of your trainings and expand on your knowledge base with focus along the specified topic of concentration. Created for Certified Yoga Instructors of all levels and styles of yoga, some courses focus on AIReal Yoga while others provide knowledge that can be applied to floor based yoga, as well.

AIReal Yoga Continuing Education enables you to expand your practice, deepen your knowledge, and hone in on specialty areas to incorporate in your aerial yoga class offering.

AIReal Yoga Continuing Education Courses:
Journey to the Handstand
Traveling Yogi
AY For Active Restoration & Physical Recovery
AY Prenatal
AY For Athletes
AY Advanced Asana
AY Holistic Nutrition
AY Asana & Aromatherapy

As you embark on your yoga journey, don’t ever hesitate to ask our advice; we’ll gladly help guide you along your path.

All Certified AIReal Yoga Teachers & Studios receive discounts on Retail, Gear, and Partner offerings and exclusive invitations to join us at the world’s leading Yoga Festivals, Expos, and Events. As well, all AIReal Yoga Teachers qualify to join the AIReal Yoga Affiliate Program – a membership based program designed to enhance your career as a teacher and entrepreneur.

AIReal Yoga is the leading aerial yoga brand and training curriculum recognized by the Yoga Alliance. All AIReal Yoga Teacher Trainings are recognized by the Yoga Alliance and count towards your Yoga Alliance certification and registration requirements.

The Studio Path


For traditional yoga and aerial studios alike, AIReal Yoga offers a Studio Partnership Program bar none! Our studio Partners receive the same high level of guidance, support, and loyalty that are our Certified Teachers receive.

For Studios Without Points…
Our Team of Expert Riggers provide a Complimentary Studio Fit Initial Consultation to advise you on how to rig your studio with hammocks in order to offer AIReal Yoga at your studio. The Studio Fit Initial Consultation includes general spatial review, rigging recommendation, and gear recommendation.

For Studios With Points…
Our Team of Expert Riggers provide a Complimentary Studio Fit Consultation to advise you on how to convert your points, either permanently or to flex between your existing system and AIReal, in order to offer AIReal Yoga at your studio. The Studio Fit Consultation includes spatial review, modification recommendation, and required gear recommendation.

Since every studio and building structure differs, each Complimentary Studio Fit Consultation is customized for your studio space. Once the initial Consultation is provided, a professional Contractor and Rigger should be contracted to complete the installation.

Plus, all AIReal Yoga Studio Partners receive preferred pricing at our AIReal Yoga Gear Shop.


Once Your Studio is Rigged, Opportunity Abounds…


AIReal Yoga Partner Studios have the opportunity to integrate AIReal Yoga Classes into their regular class schedule by hiring a Certified AIReal Yoga Instructor to teach at their location.

In addition, AIReal Yoga Partner Studios may bolster their program by hosting an AIReal Yoga Teacher Training at their location.

Once a studio has a robust and successful class schedule, we encourage each one hosts any number of AIReal Yoga Workshops, Immersions, and Promotional Events.
AIReal Yoga Workshops or Immersions that do not require additional Continuing Education Certification, can be offered by any Certified AIReal Yoga Instructor.
AIReal Yoga Workshops or Immersions that do require additional Continuing Education Certification will be taught by a Qualified AIReal Yoga Instructor as selected by AIReal Yoga.

AIReal Yoga Workshops or Immersions are a fantastic way to continue to develop your AIReal Yoga Staff, bolster your AIReal Yoga program, and generate additional revenue.

All Certified AIReal Yoga Partner Studios receive discounts on Retail, Gear, and Partner offerings and exclusive invitations to join us at the world’s leading Yoga Festivals, Expos, and Events.

More About Your Journey With AIReal Yoga


Join our growing community of Certified AIReal Yoga Instructors & Studios and embark on a journey doing what you love. Becoming an AIReal Yoga Partner opens up new teaching possibilities for both experienced and new yoga instructors, from generalized aerial yoga instruction to niche areas of expertise, such as active restoration, prenatal, aromatherapy, and more. Aerial yoga is a budding practice with abounding opportunity ahead.


As well, our entire community benefits from our collective rising tide. As an AIReal Yoga Partner, you receive placement on our website, announcement on our social channels, promotion of your relevant events on our social channels, opportunities to grow your career on a global stage, and an invitation to join our Affiliate Program.


When you choose to continue your journey with AIReal Yoga, you are choosing the premier and most recognized aerial yoga training available. AIReal Yoga is the leading aerial yoga brand and training curriculum recognized by the Yoga Alliance. This means your hours count towards the Yoga Alliance foundational (200HR) and Continuing Education (YACE) requirements. Once you begin your journey with AIReal Yoga, more training hours and opportunities are made available to you through immersions, workshops, advanced trainings, retreats, contact hours, festivals, events, and more. As we grow, you grow.

At AIReal Yoga, we believe you should do what you love. We’re here to support you on that personal journey all the while bringing even more Love in the AIR.  We provide each Teacher Training graduate with a strong foundation to teach with strength, knowledge and an open and compassionate heart on the floor and in the air.


What Makes AIReal Yoga Teacher Training Different?


Your Trainer: Carmen Curtis, our Founder,  teaches several of our Trainings and Workshops. In addition, Carmen has hand-selected a few of our senior AIReal Yoga Instructors and has personally trained and certified them to lead AIReal Yoga Trainings. Each Trainer has completed their foundation 50-Hour AIReal Yoga Training and numerous other requirements that qualify them to lead an AIReal Yoga Training.


Our Founders: Carmen & Gregg Curtis ….


Carmen Curtis, AIReal Yoga Co-Founder and Master Instructor, is a renowned aerial artist, cirque performer, national champion gymnast, acclaimed presenter at global yoga festivals, and sought-after guest instructor at studios around the world. Carmen’s teaching blends her personal style with her formal yoga education producing a unique experience infused with love, learning, and laughter.  Learn more about Carmen Curtis.


Single Point Benefits: AIReal Yoga is practiced on hammock connected to a swivel on a single point; this specific and unique connection is designed and developed by AIReal Yoga to allow the practitioner to safely adapt and practice traditional Hatha postures while maintaining their integrity; as well, the single point allows for revolved and inverted postures, gradual progression to challenging postures, modification of postures, and promotes safe alignment throughout all stages of the practice.


Your Safety: AIReal Yoga is co-founded by industry leading technician and creative genius, Gregg Curtis. Gregg brings to our business decades of experience producing and directing aerial performances for productions such as


Gregg serves as our Technical Director overseeing all aspects of rigging, installation, and safety related to practice in the hammocks, whether that is outdoor in our freestanding rigs or indoor at any of our affiliated studios. We test all of our gear before recommending any component for use in installation and consistently adhere to the highests known safety standards. Your safety and that of your students is our utmost concern.


As our Technical Director, Gregg brings with him an unparalleled wealth of knowledge and expertise in technical production and creative direction having worked for the world’s most renowned aerial performance companies — Cirque du Soleil and Le Reve to name just two — and managing technical production for clients such as Red Bull, Gap, and others. Learn more about Gregg Curtis.


Comprehensive Curriculum: Each Training includes a comprehensive Manual that includes Lesson Plans, Class Sequences, and Posture Builds (progressions, advancements, and modifications) for myriad Styles of Yoga; as well, each training includes continuing education videos intended to support you as you continue your journey after your training.


Ongoing Support: AIReal Yoga provides each Training Graduate, Trained Teacher, and Affiliated Studio the support you need to bring AIReal Yoga to your local community. From initial phone conversation, program evaluation, and training prep to post-graduate education, studio installation, and opportunities to join us at events, you will receive personalized support from our staff every step of the way. While our reach is global, we pride ourselves on providing personalized attention to every partner.


Community: When you choose AIReal Yoga, you immediately receive a warm welcome into our Tribe of AIReal Yogis around the globe. This community is your extended family and will be by your side to support and guide your development both in person at events and virtually through our community platforms.


Global Events: AIReal Yoga has the distinct honor to participate and present at premier yoga festivals worldwide. We extend invitations to our certified Teachers to participate in these events with us as Volunteers, Assistants, and Lead Presenters. This is a unique opportunity to not only experience these phenomenal events from the inside out but to utilize the platform to grow your career as a teacher.


Continuing Education: AIReal Yoga offers ongoing opportunities to continue your education and expand your career as a Yoga Instructor. Begin your journey with our initial 200HR or 300HR Foundation Teacher Training, which includes 50HRs of AIReal Yoga training; layer upon your existing foundation with the 50HR AIReal Yoga Concentrated Training; or, advance your learnings and career with focused trainings such as Journey To The Handstand, The Traveling Yogi, Pre-Natal & Post-Natal, Yoga for Recovery, Asanas and Aromatherapy, and more. Once you embark on a journey with us, the possibilities are endless.


Affiliate Program: AIReal Yoga now offers an Affiliate Program designed to provide ongoing education and business support for Teachers and Studio Managers, offering monthly lesson plans and video tutorials.  Learn more here.


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