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We are getting pumped that we will be teaching at Wellspring, a holistic wellness gathering taking place October 26-28, 2018 in Palm Springs, CA. Wellspring is a new and unique Wanderlust event featuring the world’s leading creators, educators and purpose inspired companies. You’ve yearned for a holistic exploration into wellness, but there hasn’t been a place to combine your thoughts, ideas and energy into action…until now. Offering 200+ classes, workshops, panels and activities, Wellspring connects wellness enthusiasts, influencers and experts for 3 days of personal transformation and actionable takeaways to improve your life, community and planet.


Keynote speakers include Russell Brand and Elena Bower.


Join AIReal Yoga™ founder and creator, Carmen Curtis at Wellspring, as she leads daily classes of aerial yoga.


Our Class Details Here:


AIReal Yoga: Elevate, Alleviate, Exhilarate
This class is equally beneficial for beginners and advanced students alike.
AIReal Yoga makes yoga accessible to everybody and every body.

Heavily Levitated: Meditation in Flight
It is time to indulge in a guilt-free sensationally snoozy nap experience. Sink into
this restorative AIReal Yoga™ class and let yourself feel hugged by your hammock.

Flip Your Hourglass: An Exploration of Inversions
In this immersive AIReal Yoga class, Carmen will lead you on a gravity-defying
adventure as you explore the art of inversion.

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