50 Hour Teacher Training

Dates: February 25 – April 2 | Location: Chino, CA | Instructor: Lead Teacher Mod Amaya

Aerial Hammock Teacher Training

Learn the art of dancing in the air. This foundational training will focus on the aerial hammock, you’ll be learning both beginning and advanced beginning skills, tricks dance and circus sequences.

Aerial Teacher Training

Dates: November 4-7 | Location: Ventura, CA | Instructor: Carmen Curtis For those wanting to learn the art of teaching Aerial Cirque: This Immersion is a Foundational Training Please Note: This is NOT an AIReal Yoga Module and does NOT count towards ANY Yoga Alliance...

AIReal Restore Retreat

Dates: October TBD| Location: Palm Springs, CA | Instructor: Carmen Curtis This is a special AY Retreat happening in Palm Springs. Please Note: Dates are still TBD! Limited Space. Want to secure your spot? Contact us