What We Offer

Whether you want to get setup to practice at home, want to rig an entire studio, get certified to teach or simply want to try a class for free, we’ve got you covered.  Our curriculums are a comprehensive collection of every teacher training suggested for teachers and students alike by our founder, Carmen Curtis, and every part of our training is recognized by the Yoga Alliance.  There are also a number of easy ways to get setup and we offer payment plans to make it accessible to everyone. Our professional riggers are standing by to answer any questions and help in any way we can! 

Portable Aerial Rigs and Hammocks

The experience of yoga in a hammock goes beyond any ordinary mat practice. Offering a unique synthesis of physical and mental benefits, your hammock is your sanctuary, support, and safety whenever you’re in the air.

Teacher Trainings (Digital and In-Person)

For teachers looking to expand their practice and students seeking new levels of exploration, we have many paths you can take. You can start anywhere you are along your journey. Every part of our training is recognized by the Yoga Alliance.

Online Classes: The Membership

Unlimited access to our library of online classes. For students to continue their practice anywhere and anytime and for teachers to continue to learn, get inspire and have new lesson plans. Classes for all levels, plus additional resources and videos for rigging, equipment, safety and for the new student just starting out.

Calendar of In Person Offerings

AIReal Yoga offers a variety of exciting aerial yoga trainings and experiences throughout the year. Check out our calendar to learn more about upcoming events. 

Rigging and Setup: Pro Consultations

Looking to establish your own studio space? Our experts and teachers have got you covered. Consult with our rigging experts to outfit your home, studio or space safely and securely.

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