50 Hour

AIReal Yoga teacher training at The Aerial Studio.

May 25-30th, 2018 | Ventura, CA

For Certified Yoga Instructors
The Aerial Studio is offering current yoga instructors the opportunity to take their careers to another level by hosting a special 50-hour AIReal Yoga™ Teacher Training beginning on May 25, 2018 and running through May 30th, 2018. AIReal Yoga™ is the first form of aerial yoga teacher training to be listed in the Yoga Alliance’s Registry. This form of yoga is beneficial for beginners and advanced students alike. You will be practicing your fitness in the air, defying gravity, moving freely, releasing fear, and floating into a deeper understanding of your wellness.
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“Every time I complete a teacher training I feel one step closer. To what exactly, I am uncertain. But I feel whole, complete, satisfied beyond measure. There is something there that I won’t let go of until I figure it out. Six consecutive days spent in the presence of greatness. The studio, my peers utterly amazing.”

What you receive by taking our 50 Hour Teacher Training

A complete practice based on real yoga.

Complete Manual

With 108 postures, lesson plans, sequences, progressions and digressions

All Levels

Learn to teach ALL levels and styles of yoga. Including introductory, restorative/gentle, Level 2/advanced, power/fitness, vinyasa flow, kids/teens, elders and therapeutic massage.

Access to Professional Riggers

Our safety in installations cannot be matched by any other aerial yoga brand.

Subscription to our YouTube Channel

With access to many different styles of classes, including Intro, Slow Flow, Power, and Restorative, allowing for continued practice and review.

Led by Carmen Curtis.

Led by in-demand traveling Yogi and founder of AIReal Yoga™, Carmen Curtis.Hailed as a “teacher’s teacher” who guides practices with great empathy, compassion and a desire to help serve.

Continued Education Units

All of our 50 hour trainings count towards continued education units with Yoga Alliance.

Hours of hands-on training.

Our 50 hour program is an opportunity to explore the asana with an aerial dynamic by using a hammock as a prop. Workshop hours are from 8:30am to 5:00pm; with each day beginning with an AIReal Yoga™ class taught by Carmen. Among its many distinctions, the practice and philosophy of AIReal Yoga™ inspires the art of teaching and truly finding one’s voice as a teacher.

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Why is it so significant that AIReal Yoga™ is recognized by the Yoga Alliance?

The Yoga Alliance is the preeminent Yoga organization in the United States whose mission is to set the standard for teacher training in the Yoga industry. “Credentialing is at the core of everything we do at Yoga Alliance. When searching our registry, a potential student can trust that a Registered Yoga Teacher has a certain level of education and experience, in accordance with our standards,” AIReal Yoga™, unlike many other forms of aerial yoga, adheres to the standards set by the Yoga Alliance and has had the honor bestowed upon them by the Yoga Alliance after a very long a deliberate process of certification.

What makes you different?

Our practice is based on real yoga and we are the only aerial yoga brand recognized by the Yoga Alliance.

How many days is the 50 hour training?

Our 50 hours are considered a 50 Hour Intensives, typically taught over 6 days.Check out the dates on this Teacher Training for more details!

Do you offer refunds?

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What if I am not a certified yoga teacher?

You can still take the 50 hour AIReal Yoga teacher training as a way to elevate your AIReal Yoga practice but you will not be a certified AIReal Yoga instructor until you complete your Yoga Teacher Training through an accredited Yoga Alliance Center. Check out our 200 hour AIReal Yoga Teacher Training, it is a Yoga Alliance approved yoga teaching certification that includes aerial yoga.

Are payment plans available?

Yes! We would love to set up a payment plan with you, contact us below for details.

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